The Secret House - exterior © 2011 Jaroslav Gereg. All rights reserved.

The Secret House

Client: Free Architects s.r.o

 “The house is not really a building. It´s an instrument. It shows us the relations in space that we don`t usually see. The basis of the concept is a traditional villa with an atrium. Modern technologies and materials enable to connect its principles with our contemporary lifestyle. The open and synoptic disposition without corridors and doors is created. Every place in the house has its own meaning, that´s why we don´t suppress any function in favour of another in advance. The bathroom is as large as the dwelling space and this is no bigger than the kitchen. The panoramatic outlook on nature is designed for those, who watch the sun rise and set and who dream about things that are beeing happening behind the horizon. The pool in the atrium brings the water and its ritual meaning back to the centre of our modern lives. The tree is a symbol that reminds us that every single organism needs space and care for its growth. If we adopt this attitude also for our house, our lives will be enriched by happiness from the return to places we call home.”